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Hi there, I’m Joe Farro and this is my new blog to back the youtube channel I’ve been running the past few years, as well as a support and feature site for Dynaframe Pro…a digital photo and video frame I’ve written from the ground up that runs on a raspberry pi. It can do everything from show family photos to show movie posters, and I’m working on integrating it with all sorts of neat technology soon! For now, welcome, and stay tuned, I have big plans for this blog!

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  1. Hi Joe;
    Been watching the DynaFrame progress and NOW!!! [insert Mind Blow image here] WOW!!!

    Okay, so now I have to build and play with this thing.

    Here’s a question;
    Utilizing the gesture cam… could I trigger Individual folders to play on demand when a particular QR code is flashed to it from a random phone?
    Could I flash My QR code image on my phone to trigger my slideshow photos/videos… then if my wife flashes her QR code, the system would immediately switch to her photos folder.

    Also, after switching to a specific QR driven user folder, could the system play through that user folder and then default back to playing through a default folder….waiting until its retriggered by another user QR request??

    Also, Yes… I’d love to join your Patreon subscription each month… I love all of your topics covered. [Actually just stumbled across them]

    Thanks Joe

    John Bray

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